About Us

Thieves Oil Secret was founded by a caring group of individuals who want to share their knowledge and experiences about natural methods for maintaining health and wellness.



Audra-FloydAudra Floyd
Natural health has always been an important mission for me. I have always hated the idea of being on medicine for the rest of my life for things and really disliked having to leave my classroom or home for several hours after it was “cleaned” because the chemicals were so strong they gave me and my family a headache. After teaching for 6 years, and knowing first-hand the need to keep germs at bay, I gave into the chemical companies’ hype that I had to spray/wipe everything down and sanitize my hands every time I touched something to make sure that germs did not get the best of me! Then I started to hear that the commercial hand sanitizer that is in every room/building and backpack in American has had studies out that say they can sterilize kids because of so much over use! If that foamy stuff can do that, what can all that other anti-bacterial stuff do?? But the alternative is co-habitation with germs that can do all sorts of awful things too. So I began to try to seek out natural solutions that I could live with, literally! Then I met, and smelled, my friend Thomasin. She subbed occasionally at our school and was a massage therapist. She informed me about a company, Young Living, which offered the solutions I was looking for and not only did they keep the bad germs at bay, but they actually improved other areas of my health as well. I literally jumped on that train as fast as I could and have not jumped off since. I began using and spreading the word on the benefits of essential oils to everyone I knew and in turn began to hear all the testimonies of how they were helping everyone! Every month my checks have increased over 100% from the month before and I am really grateful for not only the healthful benefits of the oils but for the opportunity to share it with people and get paid for it!

Heather-GallHeather Gall
I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils a little over 3 years ago at a time in my life when I was struggling with low energy and great pain due to having Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I was also homeschooling our 4 children had recently moved across country twice over the course of a 2 year period! I have always been drawn to natural health and nutrition so these products intrigued me. I purchased the Everyday Oils Premium kit and added Sulfurzyme, BLM, Life 5, Core supplements, Ningxia Red and Essentialzymes to that order. With-in 3 months my energy was increasing, the pain and stiffness were leaving. Over the course of that first year I got my life back, my energy improved, my sleep improved and the pain left! As a family we began to use these oils as our first line of defense and have saved an incredible amount of money because we have not had to take our kiddos to the doctor for sickness in over 2 ½ years because the oils have worked every time. From the common cold to stomach flues, earaches and even strep! The best part is that by incorporating these oils into our lives daily through diffusing, applying topically and taking internally our health has greatly improved. We also enjoy the savings and increased health we have gained from participating in the Essential Rewards Program! We simply switched where we were buying our nutritional, personal care and cleaning items with the non-toxic, health promoting products from Young Living.

I have worked on and off throughout our 17 + years of marriage both in the corporate world and in network marketing. We have gone through numerous lay-offs and have come to realize that we will never get out of debt and stop the paycheck to paycheck struggle of living if we continue to depend on Corporate America for our financial future! I realized that network marketing success is dependent on my efforts and consistency and is really the only path we could take that allows me to work from home so I can be there for my kids, have time freedom and flexibility, and eventually be 100% financially free. With Young Living having such awesome products I decided to spread this info to the world and start my business. I want everyone to have the chance to also stop the struggle of paycheck to paycheck living, to be able to dream again and grow into the life they deserve!

pic tracy (130x161)Tracy Kennedy

I am so excited to share my experiences with essential oils with you.  I have enjoyed being able to take care of my family’s ailments with my oils.  I love that I can turn to them for just about everything.  I am even more excited to be replacing chemical filled cleaners in my home.  I was introduced to essential oils by a mom from my son’s school.  I am so glad she took a chance to share them with me.   I use my oils every day, and enjoy discovering new oils every month.  This has not only changed my life physically but it has blessed our family financially.  We have seen an increase in our checks every month!!  I love my oils, my friends and I have a saying “There is an oil for that!”  My husband and son also loves the oils, my son asks for them every day and my husband takes them to school and shares with his teachers and parents.  Our family will forever be an oily family!!  Thanks to Young Living and all their wonderful products. 

empty-imgThomasin Pinto

I met my friend and sponsor Heather Gall at a local coffee shop when her son was selling poinsettias for a fundraiser. A week later at the hand off we realized that we shared an interest in natural health. I have been immersed in that culture daily as a massage therapist, and despite being familiar with essential oils, I had never heard of Young Living and therapeutic grade oils. I ordered the Everyday Oils kit, and now I cannot imagine my life without them. I have replaced so many toxic things with products that I have learned to make using the oils. I started with Essential Rewards right away, and got hooked on the Thieves line. I made cleaner to give to my friends and family and was amazed at the response to the products. Everyone wanted to know where to get some more because they loved the experience of using it and found it more than effective. The best part has been that the business has developed naturally. It’s easy to share something that I believe in and that I’m proud to be a part of. I am rediscovering an ancient method for addressing my family’s health using plants as treatment for mind and body. I am connected to a group of people who are also looking for health through natural paths, and it keeps new information in constant flow. I am able to offer my massage clients a more therapeutic and relaxing experience by using them in my practice. And maybe the real best part has been that I always get compliments on how good I smell!